3 Ways to Learn the Harp

1. Join Us for Our Next Live Harp School in Kansas City from October 23rd to 28th – 2023

Please email us for more information on the following harp schools this Fall at prophetic.harp.school@gmail.com 

Do you have a desire to play the harp for worship and intercession? As a musician or worship leader, have you wanted to learn to play harp and enter into and lead others into a place of deep intimacy with the Lord?  Do you long to see Jesus touch lives through the playing of the harp and the prophetic song? If these questions resonate in your spirit with YES!, then you should consider attending the School of the Prophetic Harp.

Come to the Kansas City area for a life-changing experience and receive an impartation to minister on the harp. Join in the “restoration of all things” (Acts 3:21) as God is reviving the use of the harp for the prophetic, healing, worship and prayer. Training will take place at the beautiful lake-side Shiloh Campus where a powerful prophetic legacy was established by the Kansas City Prophets. The property is owned by IHOPKC and is under the stewardship of Return Ministries where you can learn about how you can be a part of God’s end-time plans for the people of Israel. During your time at the harp school you will have many opportunities to take in the 24/7 Global Prayer Room at IHOPKC. 


Click here School of the Prophetic Harp Oct or Nov 2023  for a flyer as a PDF that has all the details. 

To register click on this link. https://michael-david.com/harp-school-registration/ 

To purchase a harp see link at the bottom of this page. Harp rentals are available, please email us at the email below.

If you have any questions for this school or any of the other upcoming schools in the Kansas City area then please click on this email link and leave us a message indicating your interest prophetic.harp.school@gmail.com

2. Join Us for a LIVE Online Group Class

If you can’t make it to our live harp school, then you can learn from the convenience of your own home via a Zoom Meeting, regardless of where you are in the world. To find out when our next session starts please click on this email link and leave us a message indicating your interest https://michael-david.com/contact-us/


3. Learn at you own pace with the Complete Downloadable School of the Prophetic Harp

If you’d like to learn at your own pace then you can learn with the complete School of the Prophetic Harp that was recorded in Jerusalem. Originally on 13 DVDs and now available as downloadable links, join the students with hours of recorded classes of hands on training. You will also be enriched by the Biblical insights through the rich teaching that was shared at many historic sites including: The Garden Tomb, The Pool of Siloam, The Garden  of Gethsemane and much more. The lessons come with a downloadable multi-paged songbook and several important support documents. Here is a link to watch a Youtube video about the digital harp school https://youtu.be/jmogz6OzSok 

Follow this link to purchase the course https://michael-david-org.myshopify.com/products/13-disc-school-of-the-prophetic-harp-dvd-set

4. Of course you will need a harp…

We can provide an economical, yet high quality harp that you will need to learn on. The harps that we recommend are from Harpsicle Harps the world’s most popular harp. Click here to find out all about this beautiful harp that you can easily travel with as well as all the accessories that you’ll need… https://michael-david.com/fullsicle-harp-and-accessories/

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